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Spyker was established in 1880 by Hendrik Jan and Jacobus Spijker, two Dutch brothers who specialised in horse carriages and expanded early into the automotive field with the invention of the first six-cylinder engine and first four-wheel drive automobile ever produced. 

Our Heritage
About Spyker

Spyker manufacturers ultra-luxury automobiles built for its discerning clientele to their exacting specifications. Modern day Spykers have been in production since 2000, and on average have appreciated ~35% in value from their original sales price.

About the industry

"Over the past five years, the five brands that sell their cars for $200,000 and up (..) have collectively managed a 51 percent increase in the annual number of machines sold. Last year, 30,000 of these exotic beasts roared out of dealerships.

So much for scarcity.


During the same period, the global auto market as a whole failed to keep pace, growing by just 23 percent, according to Bloomberg Intelligence." - Bloomberg, October 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

For further information about the Spyker Bonds and the business of Spyker, please read the latest version of the Frequently Asked Questions.
(FAQ updated 27 November 2018)

Our Business
What does the press say?

"A naturally-aspirated V8 revving to 8000, connected to a six-speed manual in a car looking as special as a Spyker. That's a real thing now." - Road & Track, March 2017

"It's a slam-dunk on first sight, this Preliator.  The eyes narrow, the breath quickens. Look at the wheel. Look at that shift. Look at the stitching, the care, the craft. In a world of pretenders and overhyped relaunches, here comes something worth driving, owning, treasuring." - Forbes, March 2016

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